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Bible Study: Where To Start?

I have been asked by many young Christians which book of the bible is the best place to start for those new to studying. Without hesitation I would most often suggest the gospel of Matthew or John. I did so largely for their simplicity but equally for the emphasis they placed on the divinity of Christ. However, after considering this for some time, and witnessing the struggles that young Christians often have with conducting a good book study, I have to change my answer. So, what is the best book to start with for those who are new to studying the bible? My answer might sound a bit ambiguous but I am compelled to say none of them, and at the same time, all of them.

The problem that most young Christians have with studying the bible is they simply don’t know how. And no matter what websites they visit, or which books they read, the task of conducting a good and thorough book study can quickly feel over-whelming to those who are new to the task.

Therefore, my recommendation is if you are new to studying the bible you should begin by studying the people within. After all, every thorough book study should begin with an understanding of the author, the audience, and the environment.

By studying the people you will naturally learn about the places they traveled; the culture of the times; and even the environment in which they lived. This kind of study will most often take you through a short tour of many passages while introducing you to the people with whom the authors interacted. The best part is that most character studies can begin from the back of your bible with the index. Another place to start, if you have a study bible, is with the introduction before each book. There you will find a wealth of information regarding the author, his theme, as well as his intended audience. Therefore, start with a character study now. Not only will you find that they are quick and easy to do, but you will learn an incredible amount of information that will assist you with your future book studies. So start small, start simple, and start with the characters that wrote the books and of whom the books are written.   [mp]

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